Huggle: The anti-vandalism Wikipedia tool

About Huggle:

Looking through open source projects on GitHub, I was able to find an interesting project called Huggle. Huggle is a diff browser, this means that it connects to recent changes stream and load wiki diffs into its memory. Huggle is used as an anti-vandalism tool for Wikipedia and MediaWiki sites. This gives Wikipedia users the tools to remove vandalism or irrelevant information on Wikimedia. It should be noted that Huggle is not intended for new Wikipedia users, you must have rollback permission which is given after requesting it to a Wikipedia administrator to be able to fully utilize Huggle.


I always had this thought of the internet being a huge archival library of information. Wikipedia is a great example of this, but since Wikipedia can be edited by any user it is usually not taken as a reliable source of information (even though it is one of the most popular websites on the internet). I would like to contribute into open source Wikipedia projects to help create a more reliable online encyclopedia.

Tools and libraries to build Huggle:

  • C++ 11 compiler
  • QT framework
  • CMake
  • QT5 sdk

For more information:

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