Goals for Hacktoberfest

For the month of October, I will be taking part of Hacktoberfest. 4 pull request are required for Hacktoberfest. I will be talking about 3 issues I found interesting and may work on, and what goals I plan to achieve during the Hacktoberfest.

Issues I’ve taken in interest in:

Here is the list of issues I found interesting:

Starting with the first issue Hydrogen : Issue #1483. Hydrogen is an interactive coding environment. Issue #1483 is about “How to fold inline output”. I am unsure what exactly the issue is asking for, but from what I gather the output inline seems to make the window very long making users scroll all the way to the bottom to get to the next line. More research/testing will need to be done to truly understand the problem. This issue seems to be somewhat difficult, making it a good challenging problem for anyone looking for a challenge.

Barista helps developers create UI test faster, easier and more predictable. Barista is built on top of Espresso. Issue#216 is about creating a function to click spans inside TextViews, which is not directly trivial with Espresso only. This seems to be an also interesting problem. It has been a year since this issue has been posted so this problem may be hard. The issue itself contains a link to Stack Overflow thread which provides more information on potential solutions.

Eversource is a “A HTML5-based 2D MMORPG with LPC style pixel graphics”. Issue#163 seem to be fairly simple. The scroll middle button should be disabled
on the index.tsx file. This can be a good starting issue to experience the workflow of contributing to open source projects. This project should appear appealing for people who are interested in game development.


The goal I want to achieve for the Hacktoberfest are:

Learning new algorithms and new solutions. It is very hard to come up with a new program/system that hasn’t been already created by someone else. The amazing thing about open source is that these programs/systems are usually never completely finished or perfect. Improvements are always being applied to these programs/systems, doing this creates new needed algorithms/solutions. Contributing to large open source projects can expose one to interesting algorithms/solutions. I will be able to expand my knowledge and skills by learning these new algorithms/solutions.

Understand how the open source community works, for future contribution. I find the idea of working on open source projects very appealing. Not only does it give one the ability to improve their skills in programming, but it also allows new passionate programmers to work on interesting projects/systems that can potentially change the world. If I am able to understand how the open source community works It would help me contribute to more open source projects in the future.


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