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Last contribution to dungeon

Continuing from my last blog, I will be contributing to dungeon once again. From my last blog, I mention how I ran into a problem with project setup which was later filed as an issue. I will tackle this issue quickly since this fix doesn’t seem to be a long one. One of the test […]

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Continue working on dungeon

Continuing from the last blog, I will be contribute dungeon again. I find the project to be very high level (using tools like Travis CI, Maven), but there is only one maintainer for the code. I wanted to work on bigger well known projects but with other courses (SPO600 taking the most amount of time) […]

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Adding Jest to Telescope

Continuing from my last blog, I did not actually create a pull request so today I will be looking through issues to work and contribute to telescope. Finding an Issue I look through so existing issues instead of creating my own, and I found an issue about adding a testing infrastructure to telescope. I have […]

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